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Leg Urine Bag


Leg Urine Bag

Specification: Round shape, 500 ml, with twist valve.

Leg bags, with two Latex-free Pre-connected
conforming Straps (56cm) and twist valve, Sterile
Convenient in urine collection for the ambulatory
patient, Firstar's leg bags have a one-way valve to
prevent urine reflux.
Made of heavy-duty material for safety and
durability, they feature a soft, comfortable, vinyl
construction to help contour to a patient's body.
It's hardly noticeable under street clothing. High
quality straps ensure secure attachment to the leg.

Four types available, 500ml, 600ml. 900ml, 1000ml.

SMFS-1425  Round shape, 500 ml, with twist valve
SMFS-1426  Round Shape, 1000 ml, with twist valve

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