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Security Kit


Security Kit

Specification: 24 X 18 X 7.5 cm

High quality PVC-coated nylon bag, unique design,
contain more bandages, wound care and injury
treatment items, CPR, ice bag …
Be ready for potential emergencies at home, office,
in the car, and there's still room for your own supplies.


01 Triangular Bandage 1 pc
02 Adhesive Tape 1roll
03 M-Utility Scissors 1pair
04 Emergency Blanket 2pcs
05 Combined Pad 1 pc
06 Gauze Swab 3pcs
07 PVC Gloves 2pairs
08 Eye Pad 1pc
09 Cold Pack 1pc
10 Safety Pins 10pcs
11 Adhesive Strips 20pcs
12 Butterfly Plasters 4pcs
13 Adhesive Plaster,KN 4 pcs
14 CPR Face Shield 1pc
15 Cleaning Wipe 4pcs
16 Soap Wipes 4pcs
17 Antiseptic Wipes 2pcs
18 Alcohol Wipe 2pcs
19 Filming Dressing 2pcs
20 Tweezers 1 pc
21 Rayon Ball 1pk
22 Elastic fabric plaster 8pcs/bag
23 First aid dressing 2pcs
24 Bandage 2pcs
25 PVC Bag 1pc

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