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Urine Drainage Bag


Urine Drainage Bag

Specification: SMFS-1412
2000ml, with T-tap valve, ropes and bed sheet
clamp and safety needleless sampling port, with
anti-reflux tower. Available in different
Most of them are latex-free, some equipped
with anti-reflux flutter valve, anti-vent and
latex-free with needless sampling port.


1. An anti-reflux chamber that minimizes the risk of infection.
Contoured designs allow for more even filling and complete emptying

2. Terraced catheter adapter permit secure, leak-proof fit

3. 10mm drainage tube provides quick drainages, eliminates
standing column of urine

4. Built-in heavy-duty universal hanger fits securely on bedrails,
carts, wheelchairs, etc

5. An additional clip is provided for securing bags to clothing

6. All bags are graduated in 200ml increments up to 2600ml
with 1.2m tube

7. All with finger guard to prevent splash of urine.

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