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First Aid Products

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First Aid Bag


First Aid Bag

Specification: 24 x 19 x 6.5 cm

Everyone should have a well-stocked first-aid kit at home,
in the car, and in the work place. The kit contains items
that you will want to have with you when an emergency
occurs. Recommended contents of a first-aid kit include the following.


01 Triangular Bandage 2pcs
02 Adhesive Tape 1pcs
03 M-Utility Scissors 1pc
04 Emergency Blanket /siver 1pc
05 Emergency Blanket /Golden 1pc
06 Compress Pad Bandage 2pcs
07 Elastic Gauze Bandage 2pcs
08 Elastic Gauze Bandage 2pcs
09 Combine Pad 2pcs
10 Non-Adherent Pad 3pcs
11 Non-Adherent Pad 2pcs
12 Gauze Swab 2" 5pcs
13 Gauze Swab 3" 3pcs
14 Elastic Strap Tourniquets 1pc
15 PVC Gloves 2pairs
16 Eye Pad 2pcs
17 Cold Pack 1pc
18 Thermometer In Case 1pc
19 Safety Pins 10pcs
20 Adhesive Strips 25pcs
21 Butterfly Plasters 4pcs
22 Knuckle Plasters 4pcs
23 CPR Face Shield 1pc
24 Cleaning Wipe 6pcs
25 Soap Wipe 6pcs
26 Antiseptic Tissue 3pcs
27 Alcohol Pad 10pcs
28 Adhesive Dressing 3pcs
29 Tweezers 1pc
30 Nylon bag 1pc

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