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Blood Glucose Monitor


Blood Glucose Monitor

Specification: Test time : 20 seconds
Sampling : 20l 30 Memories
The system is designed for use by both
individuals and healthcare professionals to
measure the blood glucose levels in whole
blood. Based on electro-chemical biosensor
technology and the principle of capillary
action ,the system requires only a small
amount of blood capillary action in the test
strip draws blood into a reaction chamber and
the blood glucose level is precisely calculated
and display in seconds.

FS-5100  Blood Glucose Meter
Test time : 20 seconds
Sampling : 20l
30 Memories

FS-5120  Blood Glucose Monitor
Test time : 10 seconds
Sampling : 2.5l
180 Memories with Date/Time

It is consiste of :
Glucose Meter / Moniter 1 pc
Test Strips 10 pcs
Sterile Lancet 10 pcs
Control Code Card 1 pc
Blood Sample Pen 1 pc
Carrying Bag 1 pc

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