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Stopcock for Single Use


Stopcock for Single Use

Put Mask on, keep bird flu away !
Effectively kill flu virus and bacterial within a
shot time frame. Best choice for against bird
flu (Avian Flu).
AVIN95 Mask is made from high-quality non
woven cloth which is processed by molecule
assembly technology, this technology makes
the surface of mask have a physical-polarity
antibacterial and antivirus environment. The
mid-layer adopt N95 filtering material.
The antibacterial function mass is assembled
into the fibrous molecular chain with the
NNPH antibacterial technology so that the
fiber and its products possess antibacterial
and antivirotic function. High-rate filtration and
adsorption, outstanding antibacterial and

This product is of 3 layers. The mid-layer,
N95 filtering material is effective in filtering
all kinds of dusts, bacteria and mildew in the
air. The wainscot and out-layer are made from
white antibacterial and antiviral non-woven
cloth by adopting FZZZ antibacterial technology.
The antibacterial functional mass possesses
the function of bacterial and mildew
adsorption, which enables the wainscot and
out-layer to prevent bacteria and virus moving
and penetrating through the air penetration
clearance of fiber and achieve the purpose of
killing bacteria and virus by breaking the
metabolism of microorganism.

Analysis provided by the government's
authorized institutes show that the anti
influenza virus rate of this product is more
than 98% and the rate of reducing
escherichia coli and staphylococcus aurous
is above 99.9% in 10 minutes; as a result,
this product will provide users multi-protection
and pure air. it is best to prevent avian flu.
Packing: individual pack, 20pcs/box,
12 boxes/case.
Test Results:
Academy of Preventative Medicine(Shanghai)
Report 9329 18/04/04
Virus Testing. Influenza Virus, A3/SH/1/98.
Anti-viral rate, 98.225%-98.790%
-Using chicken embryo
Detection Centre of Microbiology (Guangdong)
Report FM 0532 27/04/04
Bacterial Tests.
Escherichia Coll, 99.99%,
Stash Aureus.99.99%
Candida Albicoms, 99.99%.

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