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Contaminated needles, left exposed, present a serious risk to Healthcare workers and other personnel in the clinical and hospital setting, including laundry and waste removal staff. Emergency situations and time pressures often result in inadvertent mishandling.

Needles used for repeated injections in the same person are frequently set aside uncapped, also presenting a hazard. The accidental needle sticks that result threaten workers with infection from dangerous blood borne pathogens such as hepatitis B. Testing can be expensive and painful, and workers suffer anxiety waiting for test results.

SafetyTip™, the U.S. Patent # 6,575,941 (awarded, June 10, 2003), PRC Patent # 97,246,193 (awarded, December 2003), is the first truly cost-effective solution for eliminating the risk of needle sticks to health care workers. SafetyTip™ is ingenious in design, simple to use and remarkably inexpensive.

SafetyTip™ protects healthcare workers from exposure to needle stick injuries at the source. This product recaps the used needle with an effortless, automatic one-hand motion the instant it is withdrawn from the patient's skin. SafetyTip™ opens and close on a firm hinge, with catches on the hub section engaging locking flanges on the movable sheath.

SafetyTip™ is slightly larger than an ordinary hypodermic needle, but it is packaged and assembled in exactly the same manner. The device can be adapted for phlebotomy needs and other specialty sharps Configurations. It is compatible with hypodermic syringes, intravenous needle assemblies, pre-filled cartridge systems, arterial blood gas systems and subcutaneous systems.needleanim2_sm

  • Needle can be removed without placing hand in front of needle tip
  • Safety sheath is built into the device, not an accessory
  • Device can be activated with one hand
  • Sharp needle minimizes patient discomfort
  • Clear barrel makes it easy to see syringe content
  • Bold scale markings facilitate accurate dosage
  • Large flange promotes better dosage control

SafetyTip multi sample and blood collection needles

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